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What is a Community Café? A Community Café is a café or small restaurant where every guest receives a healthy and delicious, chef-inspired meal. The meals do not have prices, but rather, a suggested donation amount. Those who can, make the donation. Many donate more in a "Pay-it-Forward" act of kindness. Those who cannot afford their meal are asked to volunteer at the café or within the local community. Community Cafés are a very dignified way to help feed those in need, while at the same time, benefitting the local community. Our partners at FoodiesUSA have created a Community Café finder on their nationwide website. They have given each Community Café that we support a Featured Restaurant page to help spread the word and help get new guests into their location. Click Here to find a Community Café near you or where you may be visiting. If there isn’t one around, help Foodies Care open more by making a donation today!

Why visit and support a Community Café? Each time you visit a Community Café you’re supporting your own community! Many of those you see working in the café are volunteers, either on their own accord or to help them pay for a meal for themselves or their family. Community Cafés give those in need a hand up, not a hand out. Some in need are learning new skills to get back on their feet again while contributing to either the café or within the local community where their talents can be best utilized. The potential and opportunity coming from these Community Cafés are immeasurable. Click Here to volunteer at a Community Café today and help "Pay-it-Forward!"

Click Here to find a Community Café!